Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Numerics in Top Global Sites

Chinese traffic is really starting to take off, and will only continue to grow dramatically over the next decade, as hundreds of millions of people get internet access. The effects of this are already starting to show. The Alexa global top 500 sites now has a bunch of numeric domains, which are popular in China. One of these,, I think is a casino site that is popular worldwide. (#51) (#73) (#153) (#307) (#397) (#574) (#745)

These numbers strongly suggest that numeric domains are still undervalued in the domain market, given that numeric domains are among the most popular sites and numerics are extremely scarce in relation to their letter counterparts (e.g., 10k's v. 450k+'s and 100k's v. 1.18 million+'s). There have already been 2 sales of's for over $300k this year, so it's clear that some people are recognizing the potential here.

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