Monday, April 30, 2012 (Six Digit) Domain Registration Update

Almost a year ago we wrote about how many six-digit .com domains were registered.

At the time we surveyed around 5,000 random's and found that 8.42% were registered.

We recently ran more test of random six digit domains, and found that, out of around 20,000 random domains, 9.01% were registered.  This suggests that there was about a 6,000 increase in 6N registration in the last year, as there are 1,000,000 of these domains available in total.

We have also noted an increase in auction volume for 6N domains.  At this point, it is mainly the domains with repeating digits and other notable features, but increasingly more random sequences are being registered, primarily by Chinese domainers.

Here is a listing of the domains we found registered, it is interesting to see the types of domains that have been taken.

Hopefully in the near future we will have time to do a registration survey of 6N's to see how long most have been registered for and how many will be expiring soon. 

Of course, it's a long way away to 1,000,000, and at 1% increase a year, it will be another 91 years...  But, there are many reasons that registration rates are likely to increase even further from here.  The primary one being the buyout of the's.  All 100k of these domains are bought out, so if you want to register a short numeric domain, you need to go to the 6n's.  Also, Chinese internet growth is going to be continuing for the next decade or so at a very fast pace.  I would not be surprised if the 6n's were all bought out by 2020.

As for now, they remain speculative investments.   It appears that a large number drop every day, and probably around 1/3 of all registered's drop every year.  However, a significant portion of the domains dropped get picked up.  In the last week, 493 domains dropped, and 293 of those were still available to register today.  So a hefty chunk were registered after dropping.