Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Numerics in the Top 500 Global Sites

Ten years ago, we looked at pure numeric domains in the list of top global sites.  There were five (5) pure numerics in the top 500:

163.com (#51)
56.com (#73)
888.com (#153)
126.com (#307)
89.com (#397)

We just checked GTMetrix's list of the global top 1000 sites, and there are now thirteen (13) pure numerics in the top 500:

163.com (#15)
56.com (#47)
4399.com (#92)
126.com (#114)
39.net (#175)
2345.com (#189)
6.cn (#221)
5599.net (#222)
51.com (#282)
118114.cn (#338)
17173.com (#351)
8684.cn (#354)
115.com (#411)

A number of things are of interest in the lists.  For one, only three of the previous top 500 stuck around!

Another detail which seems noteworthy is that it's not just .com's any more, nor is it just 2- or 3-digit domains.  There are 6n's in the new list, as well as .net's and .cn's.  Finally, it goes without saying that the list is much longer now.  Numeric domains have increased their presence over the last decade, in large part due to the increasing access to internet in China.

Will be interesting to look again in 2028 and see how numeric domains are faring.