Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Registration Data for (Very) Long Letter Domains

We've done this for numerics, and thought it would be interesting to see how registration rates look for longer letter domains.  Like much longer letter domains.  Here are the number of registered letter domains according to dofo for all strings of letters, from 1 letter domains up to 30 letter domains.  Only .coms were looked at.

What is interesting is that the number of .com letter domains peaks at 11-length (9.6 million registered).  Then registration rates start to fall, but not by much. 

Number of Letters Number Registered

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Where Did the Volume Go?

Although there are a couple days left in the 1st quarter of 2019, it is pretty obvious that there is going to be a significant decrease in trading volume among almost all categories of short domains.  We say "almost all" because there is one category of short domains that is doing fine on volume, and may even surpass Q1 2018 when all is said and done.  Can you guess which one it is???

Here are the numbers (from ShortNames):

CCC.com sales declined from 257 in Q1 2018 to 129 in Q1 2019.  

LLL.com sales declined from 33 sales in Q1 2018 to 18 sales in Q1 2019.

LLLL.com sales declined from 2,917 sales in Q1 2018 to 1,679 sales in Q1 2019.

NNNN.com sales declined from 11 in Q1 2018 to 8 in Q1 2019.


NNNNN.com sales stayed almost perfectly steady, there were 886 sales in Q1 2018, and 867 have been reported in Q1 2019.  Almost no change at all.

It is not surprising to see the decline in sales volumes across the board, the market is still recovering from the last parabolic rise and fall in short domain prices.  Look at what Bitcoin is doing recently.  But what is intriguing is that NNNNN.com domains seem to be largely unaffected by the decline in volume.  This might be a good sign for NNNNN.com domains, or it could just reflect that these domains are less likely to be developed than the other types noted above, and instead are more likely to be traded.  Will be interesting to track volume the rest of the year, and see how the various pieces of the short domain market adjust to the new realities.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

LLL Traffic Statistics

We looked at 1,000 random 3 letter .com domains, to see what traffic statistics looked like.  Here's what we discovered.  138 domains had top country traffic rankings (13.8%).  Of these, here is how they broke down:

84 were in the US
8 in China
4 in Russia
3 in Saudi Arabia
3 in India
3 in Germany
2 in the UK
2 in Nepal2 in Myanmar
2 in Iran
2 in Egypt2 in Bangladesh
2 in Australia
2 in Canada
1 each in Botswana, Brazil, Czech Republic, Greece, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Israel, Japan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Uzbekistan.

So the vast majority were in the United States, and remarkably few in China.

As for overall traffic, 108 domains (10.8%) had traffic rankings in the top 1 million of sites worldwide.  As one might expect, the top 10 had very strong traffic numbers:

1.  BBC.com  (#94)
2.  MLB.com  (#1,903)
3.  BBT.com  (#4,163)
4.  MTB.com  (#9,281)
5.  ISD.com  (#15,682)
6.  BTC.com  (#16,093)
7.  VSP.com  (#16,489)
8.  TCM.com  (#19,606)
9.  RIL.com  (#24,502)
10.  TOM.com  (#25,403)

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Deep Dive into CCC's (Part I) - LNN.com Domains

We have been focusing on short domain traffic statistics, to see if this gives any insight into different short domain types.  So far, we have looked at NN.com's, LL.com's, CC.com's, and NNN.com's.  We wanted to look at CCC.com's (character, character, character), but this market seems quite fragmented.  There is a big difference between 11A.com and j0i.com, for instance.  So one way to break these down is into Number-Letter patterns.

The first pattern we looked at was LNN.com's.  These are letter-number-number, and we expected that their traffic statistics would be one of the stronger of the CCC.com's.  Here's what we found.

In a random sample of 1,000 LNN.com's, we found 17 (1.7%) with country traffic rankings on Alexa.  Of these:

10 were in the United States
3 in China
2 in Russia
1 each in Hong Kong and Japan

As for the top 10 LNN.com's we surveyed, here is the list:

1. U77.com (#28,760)
2. U51.com (#69,328)
3. D23.com (#104,929)
4. L99.com (#157,338)
5. A67.com (#270,636)
6. Z57.com (#304,674)
7. E87.com (#307,343)
8. K11.com (#432,469)
9. M18.com (#495,138)
10. C64.com (#561,990)

Not great.  Not one LNN finished in the top 10,000 and only 13 total domains (1.3%) had traffic ranks in the top 1 million of sites worldwide.  One thing that seemed noteworthy is that of the top 4 sites, 3 have country ranks in China, which is in fact all the sites with China rankings.  So to the extent there is a "future" for these domains, it seems almost certain to be in China.

Next we will look at NLL.com's, and see if the results are similar. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Traffic Stats for NNN.com Domains

We looked at three digit .com numeric domains, numbered 100 through 999.  The traffic results were as follows:

51 domains (5.67%) had country ranks on Alexa's traffic rankings:

21 were in China
12 were in the United States
2 in the United Kingdom
2 in Malaysia
2 in India
2 in Hong Kong
1 each of Taiwan, UAE, Slovenia, Russia, Japan, Isle of Man, Egypt, Costa Rica, Cambodia, and Brazil.

47 domains (5.22%) had traffic in the top 1 million on Alexa's rankings.  Here are the top 10 NNN.com domains, by traffic rank on Alexa:

163 .com (#95)
178 .com (#841)
360 .com (#2,213)
258 .com (#4,075)
115 .com (#5,589)
500 .com (#7,589)
110 .com (#10,238)
265 .com (#12,481)
233 .com (#16,905)
160 .com (#19,959)

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Deep Dive into NN.com's - Traffic Stats

NN.com's have more traffic than I expected.  We looked at Alexa traffic rankings for all 100 NN.com's (number - number), and found that a significant proportion of these have strong traffic rankings.

25 of these had Alexa traffic rankings graphed, which means they have consistently been in the top 1 million of all domains by traffic.  That's 25% of NN.com's.

23 of two-digit .com's had country rankings listed.  Here are the countries that were reflected:

12 Domains had traffic rankings in China.
3 in Egypt
3 in the United States
2 in Japan
1 in each of Nigeria, India, and Pakistan

But it's not just the number of NN.com's that have high traffic rankings, it is how high those rankings are.  Here are the top 10 NN.com's by traffic ranking:

1. 58 .com (#804)
2. 99 .com (#4,978)
3. 53 .com (#5,988)
4. 56 .com (#9,736)
5. 37 .com (#20,635)
6. 51 .com (#23,731)
7. 61 .com (#37,728)
8. 55 .com (#37,809)
9. 28 .com (#40,880)
10. 35 .com (#41,287)

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Deep Dive into CC.com's - Part II

This is the second in a series of posts that focus on short domain development.  Last time we looked at LN.com's with no "0" and no "o".  This time we are looking at NL's (Number-Letter).  We checked each domain's statistics on Alexa's traffic analysis site, and here were the findings:

Again, 30 domains were listed with specific top rankings in different countries (13.33%):

16 in the United States
3 in China
2 in Egypt
2 in India
1 in each of Algeria, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, Poland, and Pakistan

There are more hits in Asia this time, possibly because numbers are more popular there. 

29 domains had actual traffic ranking statistics reflected in Alexa's traffic graph (12.89%).  Again, my understanding is that Alexa only has this feature available for domains that consistently rank in the top 1 million of sites worldwide.

Here are the top 10 NL.com's (in terms of global traffic ranking) with no "0" and no "o":

1. 4J .com (#12,456)
2. 3M .com (#15,060)
3. 5H .com (#16,602)
4. 2K .com (#24,203)
5. 3U .com (#34,793)
6. 1X .com (#39,696)
7. 5D .com (#51,086)
8. 2P .com (#97,656)
9. 4K .com (#97,901)
10. 2U .com (#165,177)