Wednesday, April 16, 2008 sells for $343,000

Now there have been two sales over $300,000 this year. First it was which sold for $302,790 and now this last week sold for $343,000. You can see them listed in the year-to-date sales charts here. In an otherwise sluggish year for domain sales, it has been a great year for numerics, with the buyout and the high-value sales of's and rising prices for's. The market is starting to realize that numeric domains represent the future of the internet, as they are scarce, versatile, have universal applications, and are valued heavily in high-growth areas of the future, namely the asian market and mobile phone markets.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Interesting Mobile Numeric Site

This appears to be a nice mobile site for accessing various mobile radio stations. Great idea, and looks like it used to be and was "rebranded" as a numeric domain. The site owner also owns as well. Can't figure out why this particular number was chosen, but I'm curious.

Friday, April 11, 2008 (6-digits) countdown?

Ok, this is really getting out of hand! Anyways, if the's were to be bought out, it would probably take several years for this to happen, there are 1 million of these domains and they are much less likely to have uses as product numbers, postal codes, etc. as compared to's which are only 100k and have many more uses, even a completely random that is not a postal code will probably have at least 100k google results and represent several product numbers. I did a brief random check of 500's and only 26 were taken, so there would be a long way to go.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Some Historical Sales of Numeric Domains

I have been assembling historical data on sales of numerics from dnjournal's archives. This list is not complete, but it is interesting to look through to see some notable sales. One caution, I would not use this list as a current price guide as it is only through 2006, and my understanding is that prices of numerics have increased significantly in 2007 and 2008. $3,100 12/3/2003 $13,502 12/9/2003 $20,000 3/2/2004 $6,000 4/20/2004 $17,000 5/18/2004 $4,650 5/25/2004 $2,600 7/6/2004 $10,250 8/10/2004 $3,500 8/24/2004 $7,526 11/2/2004 $4,000 11/9/2004 $4,000 11/16/2004 $5,655 12/28/2004 $3,073 12/28/2004 $1,650 4/12/2005 $26,000 5/24/2005 $3,433 7/5/2005 $2,450 7/5/2005 $1,750 7/5/2005 $2,350 9/6/2005 $3,350 9/6/2005 $17,500 11/15/2005 $5,000 11/22/2005 $3,750 12/6/2005 $3,900 12/20/2005 $2,051 1/3/2006 $2,001 1/10/2006 $40,000 6/6/2006 $12,850 6/13/2006 $4,000 6/13/2006 $1,204 6/13/2006

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hong Kong Exchange Announces 5-Digit Derivative Warrants

As reported here, the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) announced that derivative warrants with 5-digit stock codes would begin trading on Monday, April 7.

This is another area for potential high-value development of's. Numbers 10000-29999 are reserved for derivative warrants. 10000-19999 are reserved for derivative warrants with underlying assets listed outside Hong Kong, basket warrants, and exotic warrants. Numbers 60000-69999 are reserved for CBBC (callable bull/bear contracts) to be listed on or after November 3, 2008. It looks like 00000-09999 are currently in use for various stock codes, and the other NNNNN's are reserved for future uses.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A couple weeks ago I posted about a French company, Proxiti, that had bought a lot of's that represent French postal codes. The CEO of Proxiti apparently saw the post and wrote in to provide some background on what they are doing.

I'm the CEO of Proxiti.

Thank you for your post, and comparing proxiti with the big Marchex.

For a complement of information : proxiti is ready to use a network of 6000 .info domains wich represents 97% of french postal codes.

.info is the unique tld wich can offer this territorial cover, and is more effective than others tld.
In France, people don't say 'news' but 'info' for talking about informations.

My business is not domain names selling : i want to build the first french information network, with real contents and i'm today searching VC's for that.
If you have one of them in your relatives, they can easily contact me.

For Paris, you have 21 zip codes :
75001, 75002, .... 75020 + 75116

So their use of .info makes some sense, although I still don't know why Marchex redirects to the .net for all their zip code's. Maybe the CEO of Marchex wants to write in? Anyways, I wish Proxiti success with their endeavor. Certainly shows growing interest in the use of postal code domains, and given that's represent postal codes in many countries, including the United States, France, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Kuwait, and many other countries, the commercial potential for these domains as local Geo sites all around the world is very promising.