Wednesday, May 28, 2008 On Auction at Sedo

Current price is $6,669 with about 15 hours left.

Other numerics are on auction as well: is also ending around the same time and is currently at 4,200 EUR., a very nice, is currently at $500 with 2+ days left.
And a hyphenated (!?) is at $110 with 4+ days left, who would have thought...

Numerics in Top Global Sites

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Zip Codes (Check your's)

Attention holders. Your previous random numbers may be nice US zip code The Postal Service recently announced several new zip codes. Check the list, the ones listed as "new zip codes" are in bold, the others are part of realignments.
New ZIP Code City        State Area           District
02132 Boston MA Northeast Boston
28759 Fletcher NC Capital Metro Mid Carolinas
30009 Alpharetta GA Southeast Atlanta
32003 Green Cove Springs FL Southeast North FL
32502 Pensacola FL Southeast North FL
54937 Fond Du Lac WI Great Lakes Lakeland
60101 Bensenville IL Great Lakes Northern IL
60189 Wheaton IL Great Lakes Northern IL
60654 Chicago IL Great Lakes Chicago
60642 Chicago IL Great Lakes Chicago
61705 Bloomington IL Great Lakes Central IL
72715 Bentonville AR Southwest Arkansas
77406 Richmond TX Southwest Houston
77407 Richmond TX Southwest Houston
77498 Richmond TX Southwest Houston
77498 Sugar Land TX Southwest Houston
77523 Baytown TX Southwest Houston
78542 Edinburg TX Southwest Rio Grande
78542 Edinburg TX Southwest Rio Grande
80422 Golden CO Western CO/WY
80905 Colorado Springs CO Western CO/WY
80905 Colorado Springs CO Western CO/WY
81403 Montrose CO Western CO/WY
81507 Grand Junction CO Western CO/WY
84081 West Jordan UT Western Salt Lake City
84081 West Jordan UT Western Salt Lake City
84721 Cedar City UT Western Salt Lake City
85622 Green Valley AZ Western Arizona
85756 Tucson AZ Western Arizona
86315 Prescott Valley AZ Western Arizona
97471 Roseburg OR Western Portland

Friday, May 23, 2008

Another example of development potential in's that represent foreign postal codes. 30900 is apparently the postal code for Zichron Yaakov, a growing city in Israel that's on the Mediterranean. The website is a nicely developed real estate site for BarEl properties, and comes up first when you type 30900 into google.

Some Recent Sales

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Marchex Beats Expectations

Marchex, the largest holder of's which has a network of US zip code domains as part of its local search network, posted strong 1st quarter results, beating analyst expectations. You can read about it here. As an holder, this particular part of the story is very encouraging:
Revenue rose to $37 million from $34.2 million, with $22.3 million in revenue from its local advertising services and $14.7 million from its local search network.
This is why Marchex continues to buy up zip code domains from the remaining few holders that are out there. And, it is why a company like Proxiti, a French company that is developing a network of domains representing French postal codes, is trying to replicate Marchex's success. It will be interesting to see if other countries that have 5-digit postal codes, including Kuwait, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Spain, and more, will produce similar ventures.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Here's another numeric website, an Israeli portal for real estate information, apartment and home rentals, etc. Interestingly, the operators of the site apparently own as well, but redirect it to the "" site. Why do they do that? I don't know, but my hunch is that it may actually be the case that more digits are easier to remember/catchier, if they are the right digits.