Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Interesting Numeric Auction Results

On 2/10/09 the following auctions closed at Sedo $100,000 170 EUR (USD $219) 110 EUR (USD $142)
I was surprised that ended so low, that is an awesome domain and I have seen's go for $XXX,XXX so it was surprising that nobody with more cash showed up, probably a result of the general economy. If I had $100k to throw around, I would love to have bought that domain. Also, the other sales were surprising for how high they went, both attracted multiple bids. I don't think I have seen ending in 000 go for so much.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Apparently, PLU codes can be used to distinguished between organic and genetically modified products (i.e., according to Wikipedia, the code for organic yellow bananas is 94011). According to Vision Magazine:
Conventionally grown produce has a four-digit PLU that begins with three or four. Organically grown produce has a five-digit PLU that begins with nine. Genetically modified produce has a five-digit PLU that begins with eight.
Now, I haven't yet heard of an organic produce company advertising this with a five-digit numeric domain name, but it might be a great idea for one to do so!

Some Interesting Numeric Auctions

Sedo currently has some exciting numerics on auction. has 5 days left and is currently at $72,000. Also, and are both up to 70 EUR with 5 days left as well. These auctions will be interesting to watch to see how premium and's are faring in a bad domain market. sold for $188,889 last year in a private sale, but could surpass that on auction, and perhaps in a significant way. We'll be watching!