Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Numeric Domains Auction Results from

Another week of strong numerics auction results over at

Some interesting things in this weeks results, first one is lots of 6 digit sales.  Sales of these domains really seems to be heating up.  Another thing to note is sky-high prices for's with repeating digits. has only three repeating digits and a "4" and it went for over $100, and AABBB pattern domains went for $495 and $615.  Another thing to note is that volume of five-digit and six-digit domains is starting to surpass's, which is not surprising given that the supply is much higher, but is a new trend, showing that buyers are likely finding it harder to acquire's and are turning their attention to longer number domains.

Here are the results:    RMB¥220    $33    RMB¥700    $105    RMB¥3,300    $495    RMB¥4,100    $615    RMB¥49,500    $7,425    RMB¥65,000    $9,750    RMB¥1,002    $150    RMB¥1,460    $219    RMB¥580    $87    RMB¥440    $66    RMB¥352    $53    RMB¥440    $66    RMB¥220    $33    RMB¥220    $33    RMB¥220    $33    RMB¥220    $33    RMB¥540    $81    RMB¥37,501    $5,625    RMB¥660    $99    RMB¥660    $99    RMB¥660    $99    RMB¥4,340    $651    RMB¥7,600    $1,140    RMB¥5,700    $855    RMB¥1,150    $173    RMB¥1,150    $173    RMB¥1,150    $173
4830.NET    RMB¥200    $30
3025.NET    RMB¥302    $47
2589.NET    RMB¥240    $37    RMB¥540    $81

Monday, September 12, 2011

97 Million .com Domains Registered!

As we keep the countdown flame going on the way to 100 million .com domains, yet another milestone has been reached.  As it currently stands, 97,086,942 domains are currently registered.  This represents an average registration increase of 16,675 per day since we last checked on August 29th.

Where is the continued growth coming from?  A lot of it is from China.

Here is a graph showing .com domain registration at two of China's top registrars, and, over the last eight years:

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Internet penetration is still in its early stages in China, so there is a lot more room for growth in  Chinese .com registration, and especially in numeric domains, which are very popular in China.  The current near-buyout of five-digit .com domains ('s) and fast-increasing prices for four digit domains, which now fetch around $700-$1,000 per domain as a minimum, are an indication of what the future holds.

For those that have made investments or are considering investments in Chinese real estate ($TAO, $EJ, $CHLN, $XIN), you might consider an investment in "virtual" Chinese real estate to augment your portfolio.   Numeric domains rank high in the Alexa top Chinese websites, and Chinese internet users often prefer numbers to letters because of their cultural significance and their unfamiliarity with western characters.  And numeric domains are in short supply.  There are only 10,000 four digit .com domains, which are all registered, 100,000 five digit .com domains, which are more than 99.9% registered, and a million six digit .com domains, which, surprisingly enough, a significant chunk of are registered and some already sell for inflated prices.  This is the future of domain investing.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 Domains - In Depth Look

As of today there are 735 domains available for register, or 7.35% of the 10,000 total domains that exist. Recently there seems to have been an uptick in registration interest in these domains, as nearly 300 have been registered in the last few months.  The registration rate appears to be around 4/day on average, which suggests that in 6 months, if current trends continue, these domains may be all registered. 

Previously, we have shown that prices for numeric .org domains significantly trail prices for .com and .net, and the disparity is much greater than for letter domains like or  This suggests that even if there is a buyout, there may not be much impact on prices. 

Today we look at who owns domains and how long they have been registered for.  We looked at a small sample size of 50 random registered domains to get a sense of how long these domains have been registered.  Here are the results for years registered (between creation date and expiration date):

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This was very interesting, more than half of the registered domains we looked at were registered 8 years ago, and most of these were done by a company called Future Media Architects.  Future media, according to Wikipedia, is known for (1) its large portfolio of domain names, which is estimated to exceed 120,000, and (2) for its policy of never selling its domains.  FMA apparently registered a huge chunk of domains in the 1000-7500 number range, and apparently stopped there. 

Now for who owns domains, here were the results with the same data set:

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A lot of the Asian buyers (primarily Chinese) of domains have registered them in the last four years, and they make up nearly all of the recent registrants.  It is possible that they are buying these domains to complement a or .net domain they own, or perhaps are looking to buy a higher quality number in a .org extension when the .com version costs $1,000 if not much more.

Numeric Domain Auction Results from

Here are some auction result numbers from the last week at the main Chinese domain auction site.  Lots of numeric sales, including 8's.  Lots more in the pipeline, including a surprising number of six-digit domains.    RMB¥3,502    $525    RMB¥5,200    $780    RMB¥780    $117    RMB¥720    $108    RMB¥200    $30    RMB¥520    $78    RMB¥500    $75    RMB¥4,100    $615    RMB¥220    $33    RMB¥4,000    $600    RMB¥1,300    $195    RMB¥1,050    $158    RMB¥50    $8    RMB¥240    $36    RMB¥280    $42    RMB¥320    $48    RMB¥4,600    $690    RMB¥920    $138    RMB¥1,000    $150    RMB¥20,000    $3,000    RMB¥800    $120