Friday, August 12, 2011

Why aren't domains all registered?

As we noted previously,'s are about 92% registered, whereas NNNN.nets have all been registered for years. 

For letter domains, .org domains may be slightly less popular than .nets, but not much more so.  There are approximately 14 million .net domains currently registered, and more than 9.3 million .org currently registered.  Again, this reflects that while .net domains are more popular, the difference in popularity is not extreme.

But when it comes to numeric domains, the difference is often stark.  In looking at sales of two-digit domains, the median sale price by extension reflects a significant discount for .org compared to .net (and of course, compared to .com).

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The .net/.com disparity is not that shocking, just looking at registration statistics shows that the total number of .net domains is around 15% of the total number of .com domains registered.  This is similar to the ratio of median sale prices of to domains (12.5%).   The significant discount for .org domains, however (median sale prices for domains is 20% of domains) is not reflected in the registration statistics for these domains, which reflects that .org domains are approximately 66% as popular as .net domains.  This suggests that numeric domains that end in .org are significantly less valuable than numeric domains that end in .net, and the likely explanation for this disparity is that Chinese domainers and internet users are more familiar with .net domains than .org.

Looking at median sale prices for,, and domains, it is pretty clear that the .org discount only applies to numerics.

Online Graphing
Graphing domains actually have a higher median sale price than domains. 

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