Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More 4.cn Auction Results

Some more five and six digit domains, as well as a bunch of NNNN.com and NNNN.net domains.  Interesting to see that 78333 fetches almost as much as 73337, three repeating digits add significant value to a numeric domain.  Even two repeating digits adds value, as you can see from 7151 going for $4,500, significantly more than the baseline value for a NNNN.com that has no "4" and doesn't start with a "0". 

448888.com    RMB¥220    $33
67688.com    RMB¥260    $39
2794.com    RMB¥4,600    $690
7151.com    RMB¥30,000    $4,500
78333.com    RMB¥840    $126
9463.com    RMB¥5,800    $870
4288.net    RMB¥430    $65
8114.net    RMB¥340    $51
881888.com    RMB¥480    $72
250.so    RMB¥600    $90
3717.net    RMB¥560    $84
3784.com    RMB¥4,600    $690
0496.com    RMB¥4,600    $690
73337.com    RMB¥1,001    $150
9893.net    RMB¥520    $78
2788.com    RMB¥55,000    $8,250
0497.com    RMB¥4,600    $690
0274.com    RMB¥4,600    $690

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