Monday, August 22, 2011

48 available to register

After touching all-bought-out status a couple times in the last month, a week of heavy drops has left us with 48 domains available to register as of this morning.

That is still very few, as 100,000 of these domains exist in total. 

It is quite possible that in a year's time or less, these domains will be 100% registered and all drops will be picked up, similar to what exists with domains.   Unlike with the previous buyout of's where 20,000 domains were bought in a frenzy in a couple weeks, this one has been years in the making, with a steady registration pace of around 13/day.  Therefore it makes sense that the buyout doesn't "stick" immediately, because it is not a buyout like the last one.

The buyers nowadays are not looking to cash in on the next domain buyout bubble like's in early 2008, when bad letters were going for $50-$60 a pop.  We all know how that ended, both's and's crashed,'s back to being around $10-$15 for bad letters and's back to reg fee.

Long term, the fundamentals for's are likely as good or even better than's, and the sneaking steady registration is a sign of that.  A significant portion of these domains are actually used by end-users for traffic, redirect, or real developed sites (mainly Chinese but other foreign and English-language sites as well).  Plus, whereas there are 450,000+'s, there are only 100,000's, and a random is likely to get significantly more google hits (and therefore possible uses) than a random

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