Monday, August 8, 2011

Survey of 300 Random "'s"

To gain a better sense of the landscape of's, we surveyed 300 random 5-digit domains that start with a "0". 

Here's the results:

#1: Marchex US Zip Code Site: 90 (30%)
#2: Nothing/Doesn't Resolve: 89 (29.67%).
#3: Parked: 59 (19.67%).
#4: Chinese Developed Sites: 41 (13.67%)
#5: Redirect: 16 (5.33%)
#6: Developed Non-Chinese Site: 5 (1.67%)

It is quite possible that some of the sites listed as "Chinese Developed" were actually parked sites, but there's really no way for me to tell.  Several of them were without question used by businesses as actual sites, though.

For example, is a Chinese fashion/shopping site, and is a site for ANDI Technologies Software Company.

The non-Chinese Developed Sites, two sites were zip code/information sites: and, two were real estate sites and, and one was a movie reviews site,

In coming weeks, we will survey the landscape of's beginning with different numbers, to see if the results are significantly different. 

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