Friday, September 13, 2019

Andrew Yang is Winning the Website Primary

Andrew Yang's debate surprise has apparently driven substantial traffic to his campaign website.

However, it looks like this traffic is not a new phenomenon.  Yang's website has been dominant among the Democratic campaign websites for some time.  Here are the Alexa worldwide traffic rankings for the top candidate sites, 90 days ago vs. today:

Yang2020 (.com) #22,715 -> #15,758
BernieSanders (.com) #25,754 -> #26,131
ElizabethWarren (.com) #40,779 -> #29,623
PeteForAmerica (.com) #33,185 -> #61,544
KamalaHarris (.org) #88,914 -> #69,548
JoeBiden (.com) #95,039 -> #77,889

Yang's campaign website is not only clearly leading the pack now, but it was also leading 90 days ago (before his recent surge).  Website traffic is probably a leading indicator for campaign strength.  Anyone surprised by Yang's recent surge in the polls might have seen this coming had they checked Alexa traffic rankings three months ago.

This is good news for Yang, and means more excitement, more fundraising, and more coverage in the months to come.  Driving traffic to a campaign website is only one part of a successful Presidential campaign, but it has become an increasingly important one.

Also, worth noting that Yang's site is the only top Democratic campaign site that includes numbers and letters.  It is also a relatively short domain at only 7 characters.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

CCCC .com Registration Continues to Slow

As we noted recently, registration of 4 character .com domains (which has been on a tear for the whole year), finally has hit a rough patch.  Here are the updated numbers of registered 4 character .com domains:

8/27/19: 666,769
9/3/19: 664,324 (-2,445)
9/6/19: 661,110 (-3,214)
9/11/19: 656,408 (-4,702)

Registration has fallen by more than 10,000 in just a couple weeks.  This is still probably a blip, as registrations are still way up for the year.  But it does show some slowdown in this market.  Part of the reason for the decrease in registrations has certainly been the uptick in domains dropping.  It looks like the dropped domains have not been immediately scooped up, and registrations may take some time to recover.

Registrations for other types of short domains remain strong.  So this is likely due in large part to the abnormally high number of CCCC's dropping in recent weeks.  We will continue to monitor and report on registration rates.  

New Liquid Domains Industry Report

This is a big development for the short domain community.  Giuseppe Graziano from GGRG and LXME has been publishing a quarterly report on the short domain industry for some time.   I have read these quarterly reports with great interest, as I know many others have as well.

The quarterly reports have now undergone a significant makeover, and are now available on the web with crisp graphics and smooth navigation. 

Check them out here.

It is especially interesting to see development statistics, sales data, and comparisons with larger markets (like Bitcoin and gold) all in one place.  Great job Giuseppe!  I will continue to use your quarterly reports as a resource for understanding the short domain market.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Short Domain Registration Slows. Sign of Recession?

The past couple weeks marks the first time this year that short domain registration for both CCCC.coms and's has declined. 

Here are the numbers: registrations:

8/27/2019 797,285
9/3/2019 796,353 (-932)
9/6/2019 795,370 (-983) registrations:

8/27/19: 666,769
9/3/19: 664,324 (-2,445)
9/6/19: 661,110 (-3,214)

Is this an initial sign of a coming recession?  Perhaps.  But it also just might be a spike in drops, though.  A few weeks ago upcoming drops for's spiked to 5,039, they had been averaging under 2,000 for the rest of the year.  The number of's dropping hasn't increased substantially, but at the same time the decline in registration these past couple weeks has not been as stark as with the's.  So it might just be a blip.

Another hint that this may just be a blip is that registration has continued apace.  5,341 more's are now registered than were registered a couple weeks ago.  So it looks like people are still registering new short domains. 

Still, we will keep an eye on short domain registrations for any sign of a coming recession. 

Monday, August 19, 2019

Registration Update - Short Domains (4C, 5L, 6N)

It is often useful to check and see how close the "next" short domain type is to being bought out, and how the domain type is trending.

4 character (4C or's) are hot right now, and are being registered at a steady pace.  There are approximately 1.2 million 4 character domains in total.  They are still far from being all bought out (another 5-7 years perhaps), but here are some recent data points to give an idea of how popular they are:

April 16, 2018: 614,877 registered
August 19, 2019: 664,451 registered

6 number (6N or domains) are also being registered at a strong pace.  There are 1 million total, and these are the closest to being bought out (again), perhaps only a couple years until the 6N buyout:

April 16, 2018: 771,128 registered
August 19, 2019: 796,854 registered

As for five letter domains (5L or's), these are far from being bought out.  There are 11,881,376 total of these domains, and we only have a couple data points here:

April 16, 2019: 3,257,718 registered
August 19, 2019: 3,156,254 registered

Registration's for 5L's actually declined in the last few months which was surprising.  We will keep a closer eye on these domains.  There is not much chance there will be a buyout of 5L's for decades (if ever), but it is still interesting to see the numbers as a bell-weather for short domain, and letter registrations, in general.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 (4C) Domain Registration Update

There continues to be steady registration of 4 character .com names.  Here are numbers of registered names as of our checks dating back to February, 2008:

06/18/2019 - 636,418 (average of 342 registered/day since prior check)

04/16/2019 - 614,877 (average of 91 registered/day since prior check)
12/04/2018 - 602,771 (average of 190 registered/day since prior check)

01/11/2018 - 540,794 (average of 153 registered/day since prior check)

05/01/2012 - 300,000 (average of 55 registered/day since prior check)

02/01/2008 - 215,000

Average registered per day since January 2018 - 183.

If the current rate holds up, domains should be bought out around 2027-2028.   The data from 2012 and 2008 is not precise, we were using random sampling techniques back then, but it should be in the ballpark of the number of registered domains.  We will keep regular track of these, which is easier to do now with the handy tool that provides which lets you see all registered domains of a particular type. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Registration Data for (Very) Long Letter Domains

We've done this for numerics, and thought it would be interesting to see how registration rates look for longer letter domains.  Like much longer letter domains.  Here are the number of registered letter domains according to dofo for all strings of letters, from 1 letter domains up to 30 letter domains.  Only .coms were looked at.

What is interesting is that the number of .com letter domains peaks at 11-length (9.6 million registered).  Then registration rates start to fall, but not by much. 

Number of Letters Number Registered

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Where Did the Volume Go?

Although there are a couple days left in the 1st quarter of 2019, it is pretty obvious that there is going to be a significant decrease in trading volume among almost all categories of short domains.  We say "almost all" because there is one category of short domains that is doing fine on volume, and may even surpass Q1 2018 when all is said and done.  Can you guess which one it is???

Here are the numbers (from ShortNames): sales declined from 257 in Q1 2018 to 129 in Q1 2019. sales declined from 33 sales in Q1 2018 to 18 sales in Q1 2019. sales declined from 2,917 sales in Q1 2018 to 1,679 sales in Q1 2019. sales declined from 11 in Q1 2018 to 8 in Q1 2019.

And.... sales stayed almost perfectly steady, there were 886 sales in Q1 2018, and 867 have been reported in Q1 2019.  Almost no change at all.

It is not surprising to see the decline in sales volumes across the board, the market is still recovering from the last parabolic rise and fall in short domain prices.  Look at what Bitcoin is doing recently.  But what is intriguing is that domains seem to be largely unaffected by the decline in volume.  This might be a good sign for domains, or it could just reflect that these domains are less likely to be developed than the other types noted above, and instead are more likely to be traded.  Will be interesting to track volume the rest of the year, and see how the various pieces of the short domain market adjust to the new realities.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

LLL Traffic Statistics

We looked at 1,000 random 3 letter .com domains, to see what traffic statistics looked like.  Here's what we discovered.  138 domains had top country traffic rankings (13.8%).  Of these, here is how they broke down:

84 were in the US
8 in China
4 in Russia
3 in Saudi Arabia
3 in India
3 in Germany
2 in the UK
2 in Nepal2 in Myanmar
2 in Iran
2 in Egypt2 in Bangladesh
2 in Australia
2 in Canada
1 each in Botswana, Brazil, Czech Republic, Greece, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Israel, Japan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Uzbekistan.

So the vast majority were in the United States, and remarkably few in China.

As for overall traffic, 108 domains (10.8%) had traffic rankings in the top 1 million of sites worldwide.  As one might expect, the top 10 had very strong traffic numbers:

1.  (#94)
2.  (#1,903)
3.  (#4,163)
4.  (#9,281)
5.  (#15,682)
6.  (#16,093)
7.  (#16,489)
8.  (#19,606)
9.  (#24,502)
10.  (#25,403)

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Deep Dive into CCC's (Part I) - Domains

We have been focusing on short domain traffic statistics, to see if this gives any insight into different short domain types.  So far, we have looked at's,'s,'s, and's.  We wanted to look at's (character, character, character), but this market seems quite fragmented.  There is a big difference between and, for instance.  So one way to break these down is into Number-Letter patterns.

The first pattern we looked at was's.  These are letter-number-number, and we expected that their traffic statistics would be one of the stronger of the's.  Here's what we found.

In a random sample of 1,000's, we found 17 (1.7%) with country traffic rankings on Alexa.  Of these:

10 were in the United States
3 in China
2 in Russia
1 each in Hong Kong and Japan

As for the top 10's we surveyed, here is the list:

1. (#28,760)
2. (#69,328)
3. (#104,929)
4. (#157,338)
5. (#270,636)
6. (#304,674)
7. (#307,343)
8. (#432,469)
9. (#495,138)
10. (#561,990)

Not great.  Not one LNN finished in the top 10,000 and only 13 total domains (1.3%) had traffic ranks in the top 1 million of sites worldwide.  One thing that seemed noteworthy is that of the top 4 sites, 3 have country ranks in China, which is in fact all the sites with China rankings.  So to the extent there is a "future" for these domains, it seems almost certain to be in China.

Next we will look at's, and see if the results are similar. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Traffic Stats for Domains

We looked at three digit .com numeric domains, numbered 100 through 999.  The traffic results were as follows:

51 domains (5.67%) had country ranks on Alexa's traffic rankings:

21 were in China
12 were in the United States
2 in the United Kingdom
2 in Malaysia
2 in India
2 in Hong Kong
1 each of Taiwan, UAE, Slovenia, Russia, Japan, Isle of Man, Egypt, Costa Rica, Cambodia, and Brazil.

47 domains (5.22%) had traffic in the top 1 million on Alexa's rankings.  Here are the top 10 domains, by traffic rank on Alexa:

163 .com (#95)
178 .com (#841)
360 .com (#2,213)
258 .com (#4,075)
115 .com (#5,589)
500 .com (#7,589)
110 .com (#10,238)
265 .com (#12,481)
233 .com (#16,905)
160 .com (#19,959)

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Deep Dive into's - Traffic Stats's have more traffic than I expected.  We looked at Alexa traffic rankings for all 100's (number - number), and found that a significant proportion of these have strong traffic rankings.

25 of these had Alexa traffic rankings graphed, which means they have consistently been in the top 1 million of all domains by traffic.  That's 25% of's.

23 of two-digit .com's had country rankings listed.  Here are the countries that were reflected:

12 Domains had traffic rankings in China.
3 in Egypt
3 in the United States
2 in Japan
1 in each of Nigeria, India, and Pakistan

But it's not just the number of's that have high traffic rankings, it is how high those rankings are.  Here are the top 10's by traffic ranking:

1. 58 .com (#804)
2. 99 .com (#4,978)
3. 53 .com (#5,988)
4. 56 .com (#9,736)
5. 37 .com (#20,635)
6. 51 .com (#23,731)
7. 61 .com (#37,728)
8. 55 .com (#37,809)
9. 28 .com (#40,880)
10. 35 .com (#41,287)

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Deep Dive into's - Part II

This is the second in a series of posts that focus on short domain development.  Last time we looked at's with no "0" and no "o".  This time we are looking at NL's (Number-Letter).  We checked each domain's statistics on Alexa's traffic analysis site, and here were the findings:

Again, 30 domains were listed with specific top rankings in different countries (13.33%):

16 in the United States
3 in China
2 in Egypt
2 in India
1 in each of Algeria, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, Poland, and Pakistan

There are more hits in Asia this time, possibly because numbers are more popular there. 

29 domains had actual traffic ranking statistics reflected in Alexa's traffic graph (12.89%).  Again, my understanding is that Alexa only has this feature available for domains that consistently rank in the top 1 million of sites worldwide.

Here are the top 10's (in terms of global traffic ranking) with no "0" and no "o":

1. 4J .com (#12,456)
2. 3M .com (#15,060)
3. 5H .com (#16,602)
4. 2K .com (#24,203)
5. 3U .com (#34,793)
6. 1X .com (#39,696)
7. 5D .com (#51,086)
8. 2P .com (#97,656)
9. 4K .com (#97,901)
10. 2U .com (#165,177)

Friday, February 15, 2019

Deep Dive into's - With Help from Alexa

This is the first in a series of posts that focus on short domain development.  The Q4 2018 Liquid Domains Market Overview is out, and it has very useful statistics on development.  We thought it might be useful to go a step further and actually look at traffic, to see how short domains stack up in terms of popularity.  Here is our first look at's.  We looked at's with no "0" and no "o".  So a total of 225 domains.

We looked up each domain's statistics on Alexa's traffic analysis site, and here are the results:

30 domains were listed with specific top rankings in different countries (13.33%):

12 in the United States
4 in India
3 in Russia
2 in the U.K.
1 each in Turkey, Japan, China, Macedonia, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, and Egypt.

Interestingly, the Venezuela hit was one of the top ranked websites globally.  Y8 .com is ranked in the top 1,000 sites in the world (#886), and is #66 in Venezuela.  Who knew?  It appears to be a site that offers free games.

40 domains had actual traffic ranking statistics reflected in Alexa's traffic graph (17.78%).  I believe Alexa only has this feature for traffic rankings that are consistently in the top 1 million of sites worldwide.  For example, Alexa's graph shows that J1 .com has been bouncing around between the top 200k and top 400k of worldwide sites.  Whereas R7 .com has been fluctuating between the top 3k and 5k of worldwide sites.

Here are the top 10's with no "0" and no "o":

1. Y8 .com (#886)
2. R7 .com (#3,397)
3. M3 .com (#8,652)
4. T3 .com (#12,593)
5. F5 .com (#35,745)
6. W4 .com (#49,488)
7. Q1 .com (#52,561)
8. R4 .com (#60,544)
9. C2 .com (#63,072)
10. Z5 .com (#101,513)

Next we will look at's to see what Alexa's traffic results look like for those domains.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Analysis of Remaining Domains

There are only 294 4 digit .org domains left to be registered, out of 10,000.  This nearly bought-out state has persisted for some time, with some occasional drops, some occasional registrations. 

There isn't much focus on this aspect of the numerics market, in part because .org domains are not incredibly popular in China.  Nevertheless, these are nice, short, pure numeric domains with a number of uses.  And a sizable number of sites are in fact developed sites.

Looking at the remaining 294 domains, here is what we found:

23 start with a "0"
6 start with a "1"
11 start with a "2"
36 start with a "3"
107 start with a "4"
21 start with a "5"
13 start with a "6"
33 start with a "7"
25 start with an "8"
19 start with a "9"

So 4 is the clear loser, as one would expect.  But it's interesting that "8" isn't the clear winner.  And instead "1" looks to be the best starting number for this type of domain.  This suggests that western domainers continue to be the most interested in .org numerics.   This is also suggested because a fair number of available domains have no "4" and no "0", so you would expect them to be instantly registered if Chinese domainers were scouring this list. 

Here is the full list:

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Long Numerics - How Many Are Registered?

The domain community focuses a great deal on "short" domains.  And for good reason.  Certainly, the shorter the better is a good general rule when you are looking to acquire a domain name.

But just as some longer letter domains have uses, so too do longer numeric domains.   We thought it would be interesting to take a look at registration of longer numeric domains, and see how popular some of these types of domains are compared to the shorter versions.

Here are the results:

1N ( - 10 total domains, all registered
2N ( - 100 total domains, all registered
3N ( - 1,000 total domains, all registered
4N ( - 10,000 total domains, all registered
5N ( - 100,000 total domains, all registered
6N ( - 1,000,000 total domains, 752,878 registered (75.29%)
7N ( - 10,000,000 total domains, 426,076 registered (4.26%)
8N ( - 100,000,000 total domains, 168,938 registered (0.17%)
9N ( - 1,000,000,000 total domains, 31,934 registered
10N ( - 10,000,000,000 total domains, 30,141 registered
11N ( - 100,000,000,000 total domains, 33,033 registered
12N ( - 1,000,000,000,000 total domains, 1,587 registered
13N ( - 10,000,000,000,000 total domains, 594 registered
14N ( - 100,000,000,000,000 total domains, 193 registered
15N ( - 1,000,000,000,000,000 total domains, 105 registered

Don't know why anyone would need a 15 digit domain, but there you go.  In any case, it was very surprising to see how many 9, 10, and 11 digit domains are registered.

There doesn't seem to be a real drop-off until 12 digits.   All in all, there are over 1.5 million registered pure numeric .com's.  And for all the focus on "short" domains, the vast majority of registered pure numeric .com's are 6 digits or greater.  There are only 111,110 registered pure numerics that are 5 digits or less.  Viewed another way, there are almost as many numeric domains 9 digits or longer registered as there are 5 digits or fewer!  And in a few years there almost surely will be more registered.

This exercise perhaps shows the power of numeric domains, even for longer strings.  But it also serves to highlight the importance of shorter strings.  They aren't making any more domains that are 5 digits or fewer, and if you want to register a pure numeric .com domain, you now must look in the longer strings.  We'll keep track on these numbers, it will be interesting to see how the market develops for longer numerics.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

What Percentage of Short Domains are Listed for Sale?

We often look at sale prices, sale volume, registration numbers, and other criteria to get a better sense of the domain market.  Today we wanted to look at a less-used metric, but one which is nevertheless pretty interesting.  We looked at ShortNames and Ename to get a record of which domains are listed for sale, and to see how the various short domains stack up against one another.

Percentage of Available Domains Listed as "Make Offer" on ShortNames - 3.08% - 6.29% - 2.22% - 4.43% - 11.20% - 1.00% - 1.40% - 0.84% - 20.65%

Percentage of Available Domains Listed as Buy-It-Now on Ename - 2.50% - 13.77% - 0.30% - 1.19% - 8.06% - 0% - 0.90% - 5.92% - 8.50%

These lists are revealing, both in terms of which domains are more likely to be geared towards re-sales, and also in terms of where domains are listed.  While fewer numeric domains are listed on Ename, there are way more's listed on Ename than on other platforms.  Also, it was notable that's are much more likely to be listed for sale as compared to's.  This may just be a reflection of very low prices for's at the moment, and sellers are holding.  Or it could be an indication that these domains are more likely to be put to actual use as compared to's, rather than primarily hold for resale.

This way of looking at the market is not perfect, because it doesn't take into account domains listed for sale on other platforms, and someone listing a domain as "make offer" may not mean much.  Still, it's worthwhile to look at the short domain market from different angles, and this is one that doesn't get discussed very often.