Friday, September 6, 2019

Short Domain Registration Slows. Sign of Recession?

The past couple weeks marks the first time this year that short domain registration for both CCCC.coms and's has declined. 

Here are the numbers: registrations:

8/27/2019 797,285
9/3/2019 796,353 (-932)
9/6/2019 795,370 (-983) registrations:

8/27/19: 666,769
9/3/19: 664,324 (-2,445)
9/6/19: 661,110 (-3,214)

Is this an initial sign of a coming recession?  Perhaps.  But it also just might be a spike in drops, though.  A few weeks ago upcoming drops for's spiked to 5,039, they had been averaging under 2,000 for the rest of the year.  The number of's dropping hasn't increased substantially, but at the same time the decline in registration these past couple weeks has not been as stark as with the's.  So it might just be a blip.

Another hint that this may just be a blip is that registration has continued apace.  5,341 more's are now registered than were registered a couple weeks ago.  So it looks like people are still registering new short domains. 

Still, we will keep an eye on short domain registrations for any sign of a coming recession. 

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