Friday, September 13, 2019

Andrew Yang is Winning the Website Primary

Andrew Yang's debate surprise has apparently driven substantial traffic to his campaign website.

However, it looks like this traffic is not a new phenomenon.  Yang's website has been dominant among the Democratic campaign websites for some time.  Here are the Alexa worldwide traffic rankings for the top candidate sites, 90 days ago vs. today:

Yang2020 (.com) #22,715 -> #15,758
BernieSanders (.com) #25,754 -> #26,131
ElizabethWarren (.com) #40,779 -> #29,623
PeteForAmerica (.com) #33,185 -> #61,544
KamalaHarris (.org) #88,914 -> #69,548
JoeBiden (.com) #95,039 -> #77,889

Yang's campaign website is not only clearly leading the pack now, but it was also leading 90 days ago (before his recent surge).  Website traffic is probably a leading indicator for campaign strength.  Anyone surprised by Yang's recent surge in the polls might have seen this coming had they checked Alexa traffic rankings three months ago.

This is good news for Yang, and means more excitement, more fundraising, and more coverage in the months to come.  Driving traffic to a campaign website is only one part of a successful Presidential campaign, but it has become an increasingly important one.

Also, worth noting that Yang's site is the only top Democratic campaign site that includes numbers and letters.  It is also a relatively short domain at only 7 characters.

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