Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Analysis of Remaining Domains

There are only 294 4 digit .org domains left to be registered, out of 10,000.  This nearly bought-out state has persisted for some time, with some occasional drops, some occasional registrations. 

There isn't much focus on this aspect of the numerics market, in part because .org domains are not incredibly popular in China.  Nevertheless, these are nice, short, pure numeric domains with a number of uses.  And a sizable number of sites are in fact developed sites.

Looking at the remaining 294 domains, here is what we found:

23 start with a "0"
6 start with a "1"
11 start with a "2"
36 start with a "3"
107 start with a "4"
21 start with a "5"
13 start with a "6"
33 start with a "7"
25 start with an "8"
19 start with a "9"

So 4 is the clear loser, as one would expect.  But it's interesting that "8" isn't the clear winner.  And instead "1" looks to be the best starting number for this type of domain.  This suggests that western domainers continue to be the most interested in .org numerics.   This is also suggested because a fair number of available domains have no "4" and no "0", so you would expect them to be instantly registered if Chinese domainers were scouring this list. 

Here is the full list:

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