Friday, February 15, 2019

Deep Dive into's - With Help from Alexa

This is the first in a series of posts that focus on short domain development.  The Q4 2018 Liquid Domains Market Overview is out, and it has very useful statistics on development.  We thought it might be useful to go a step further and actually look at traffic, to see how short domains stack up in terms of popularity.  Here is our first look at's.  We looked at's with no "0" and no "o".  So a total of 225 domains.

We looked up each domain's statistics on Alexa's traffic analysis site, and here are the results:

30 domains were listed with specific top rankings in different countries (13.33%):

12 in the United States
4 in India
3 in Russia
2 in the U.K.
1 each in Turkey, Japan, China, Macedonia, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, and Egypt.

Interestingly, the Venezuela hit was one of the top ranked websites globally.  Y8 .com is ranked in the top 1,000 sites in the world (#886), and is #66 in Venezuela.  Who knew?  It appears to be a site that offers free games.

40 domains had actual traffic ranking statistics reflected in Alexa's traffic graph (17.78%).  I believe Alexa only has this feature for traffic rankings that are consistently in the top 1 million of sites worldwide.  For example, Alexa's graph shows that J1 .com has been bouncing around between the top 200k and top 400k of worldwide sites.  Whereas R7 .com has been fluctuating between the top 3k and 5k of worldwide sites.

Here are the top 10's with no "0" and no "o":

1. Y8 .com (#886)
2. R7 .com (#3,397)
3. M3 .com (#8,652)
4. T3 .com (#12,593)
5. F5 .com (#35,745)
6. W4 .com (#49,488)
7. Q1 .com (#52,561)
8. R4 .com (#60,544)
9. C2 .com (#63,072)
10. Z5 .com (#101,513)

Next we will look at's to see what Alexa's traffic results look like for those domains.

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