Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Deep Dive into CCC's (Part I) - Domains

We have been focusing on short domain traffic statistics, to see if this gives any insight into different short domain types.  So far, we have looked at's,'s,'s, and's.  We wanted to look at's (character, character, character), but this market seems quite fragmented.  There is a big difference between and, for instance.  So one way to break these down is into Number-Letter patterns.

The first pattern we looked at was's.  These are letter-number-number, and we expected that their traffic statistics would be one of the stronger of the's.  Here's what we found.

In a random sample of 1,000's, we found 17 (1.7%) with country traffic rankings on Alexa.  Of these:

10 were in the United States
3 in China
2 in Russia
1 each in Hong Kong and Japan

As for the top 10's we surveyed, here is the list:

1. (#28,760)
2. (#69,328)
3. (#104,929)
4. (#157,338)
5. (#270,636)
6. (#304,674)
7. (#307,343)
8. (#432,469)
9. (#495,138)
10. (#561,990)

Not great.  Not one LNN finished in the top 10,000 and only 13 total domains (1.3%) had traffic ranks in the top 1 million of sites worldwide.  One thing that seemed noteworthy is that of the top 4 sites, 3 have country ranks in China, which is in fact all the sites with China rankings.  So to the extent there is a "future" for these domains, it seems almost certain to be in China.

Next we will look at's, and see if the results are similar. 

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