Saturday, February 16, 2019

Deep Dive into's - Part II

This is the second in a series of posts that focus on short domain development.  Last time we looked at's with no "0" and no "o".  This time we are looking at NL's (Number-Letter).  We checked each domain's statistics on Alexa's traffic analysis site, and here were the findings:

Again, 30 domains were listed with specific top rankings in different countries (13.33%):

16 in the United States
3 in China
2 in Egypt
2 in India
1 in each of Algeria, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, Poland, and Pakistan

There are more hits in Asia this time, possibly because numbers are more popular there. 

29 domains had actual traffic ranking statistics reflected in Alexa's traffic graph (12.89%).  Again, my understanding is that Alexa only has this feature available for domains that consistently rank in the top 1 million of sites worldwide.

Here are the top 10's (in terms of global traffic ranking) with no "0" and no "o":

1. 4J .com (#12,456)
2. 3M .com (#15,060)
3. 5H .com (#16,602)
4. 2K .com (#24,203)
5. 3U .com (#34,793)
6. 1X .com (#39,696)
7. 5D .com (#51,086)
8. 2P .com (#97,656)
9. 4K .com (#97,901)
10. 2U .com (#165,177)

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