Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Auction Results

Starting to see a lot more 5 digit .com domains/'s (and even 6n's) show up in these auctions lately, and not all are palindromes or have 3 or more repeating digits. Note sold for $33.  Also a few weeks ago sold for $30.  Plus the ones with repeating digits are starting to go for very nice sums in recent sales. went for $435, went for $1,410, went for $1,200, went for $390, and many more. 

Here are the auction results from the last two days: RMB¥220 $33 RMB¥220 $33 RMB¥220 $33 RMB¥200 $30 RMB¥200 $30 RMB¥220 $33 RMB¥220 $33 RMB¥590 $89 RMB¥8,100 $1,215

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