Wednesday, August 10, 2011 Auction Results (Lots of NNNNN's)

The past couple days we have seen many more's selling in auctions at  Not all of these are premium domains, so it's interesting to see these going in auctions.  With the near-buyout of's going back and forth between zero available to register (as of this morning there were 67 after several days of heavy drops), it is much harder to find nice to hand-register or even backorder.  So it's interesting to see some sales of domains that have just 2 or 3 repeating numbers. sold for $12 and had seven months left on registration, and sold for $9 and also had seven months left on registration.  So while not a huge buying price, it shows there is support in the market for paying above-registration fee on's that have less than a year remaining.    RMB¥7,500    $1,125    RMB¥80    $12    RMB¥60    $9    RMB¥70    $11    RMB¥900    $135    RMB¥2,700    $405    RMB¥500    $75    RMB¥320    $48    RMB¥325    $49    RMB¥6,000    $900

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