Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Numeric Domains Auction Results from

Another week of strong numerics auction results over at

Some interesting things in this weeks results, first one is lots of 6 digit sales.  Sales of these domains really seems to be heating up.  Another thing to note is sky-high prices for's with repeating digits. has only three repeating digits and a "4" and it went for over $100, and AABBB pattern domains went for $495 and $615.  Another thing to note is that volume of five-digit and six-digit domains is starting to surpass's, which is not surprising given that the supply is much higher, but is a new trend, showing that buyers are likely finding it harder to acquire's and are turning their attention to longer number domains.

Here are the results:    RMB¥220    $33    RMB¥700    $105    RMB¥3,300    $495    RMB¥4,100    $615    RMB¥49,500    $7,425    RMB¥65,000    $9,750    RMB¥1,002    $150    RMB¥1,460    $219    RMB¥580    $87    RMB¥440    $66    RMB¥352    $53    RMB¥440    $66    RMB¥220    $33    RMB¥220    $33    RMB¥220    $33    RMB¥220    $33    RMB¥540    $81    RMB¥37,501    $5,625    RMB¥660    $99    RMB¥660    $99    RMB¥660    $99    RMB¥4,340    $651    RMB¥7,600    $1,140    RMB¥5,700    $855    RMB¥1,150    $173    RMB¥1,150    $173    RMB¥1,150    $173
4830.NET    RMB¥200    $30
3025.NET    RMB¥302    $47
2589.NET    RMB¥240    $37    RMB¥540    $81

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