Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Marchex Beats Expectations

Marchex, the largest holder of NNNNN.com's which has a network of US zip code domains as part of its local search network, posted strong 1st quarter results, beating analyst expectations. You can read about it here. As an NNNNN.com holder, this particular part of the story is very encouraging:
Revenue rose to $37 million from $34.2 million, with $22.3 million in revenue from its local advertising services and $14.7 million from its local search network.
This is why Marchex continues to buy up NNNNN.com zip code domains from the remaining few holders that are out there. And, it is why a company like Proxiti, a French company that is developing a network of NNNNN.info domains representing French postal codes, is trying to replicate Marchex's success. It will be interesting to see if other countries that have 5-digit postal codes, including Kuwait, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Spain, and more, will produce similar ventures.

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