Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A couple weeks ago I posted about a French company, Proxiti, that had bought a lot of NNNNN.info's that represent French postal codes. The CEO of Proxiti apparently saw the post and wrote in to provide some background on what they are doing.

I'm the CEO of Proxiti.

Thank you for your post, and comparing proxiti with the big Marchex.

For a complement of information : proxiti is ready to use a network of 6000 .info domains wich represents 97% of french postal codes.

.info is the unique tld wich can offer this territorial cover, and is more effective than others tld.
In France, people don't say 'news' but 'info' for talking about informations.

My business is not domain names selling : i want to build the first french information network, with real contents and i'm today searching VC's for that.
If you have one of them in your relatives, they can easily contact me.

For Paris, you have 21 zip codes :
75001, 75002, .... 75020 + 75116

So their use of .info makes some sense, although I still don't know why Marchex redirects to the .net for all their zip code NNNNN.com's. Maybe the CEO of Marchex wants to write in? Anyways, I wish Proxiti success with their endeavor. Certainly shows growing interest in the use of postal code domains, and given that NNNNN.com's represent postal codes in many countries, including the United States, France, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Kuwait, and many other countries, the commercial potential for these domains as local Geo sites all around the world is very promising.

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