Monday, March 3, 2008

Is Proxiti the French Marchex?

I just saw this very interesting post over at Namepros:
I have all of my domains parked at Today I log in to check my stats from yesterday and I discover that had two clicks yesterday for $3.83 per click. I usually have a good number of clicks on my NNNNN domains, but this one made me want to do a bit more research. I started to do a little research on the domain and found out that is registered.

It appears that 57230 is a CEDEX number (postal code) for France. They also use a five digit format. is a Proxiti site that is a network of 6,000 sites for France. It looks like to me that this is just like the Marchex .com and .net sites for US Zip codes.

Just another example of the demand for number domains.

That is certainly intriguing. What is it with these postal code sites using extensions other than .com? Marchex directs everyone to the .net of its zip code sites, and Proxiti is using .info. Pretty weird, plus Proxiti doesn't seem to have developed its sites very much, or advertised them, since they don't seem to rank high in searches. Anyways, I think there is a great deal of potential for foreign zip code domains, especially in high-value areas, and this shows that Marchex is not the only company that has thought of using postal codes for sites. Just as an experiment I looked at a main postal code for Paris, 75005, and Proxiti has a site set up at, and 75005 .com is parked, but the parked page advertises in French and English:
CE NOM EST DISPONIBLE / THIS NAME IS AVAILABLE... Please contact us for more information.
That would certainly be a nice to have!

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Anonymous said...

I'm the CEO of Proxiti.

Thank you for your post, and comparing proxiti with the big Marchex.

For a complement of information : proxiti is ready to use a network of 6000 .info domains wich represents 97% of french postal codes.

.info is the unique tld wich can offer this territorial cover, and is more effective than others tld.
In France, people don't say 'news' but 'info' for talking about informations.

My business is not domain names selling : i want to build the first french information network, with real contents and i'm today searching VC's for that.
If you have one of them in your relatives, they can easily contact me.

For Paris, you have 21 zip codes :
75001, 75002, .... 75020 + 75116