Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy 78746 (Purim) from Belize

Today is the holiday of Purim in the Jewish Calendar. Spelled out on a cell phone "Purim" is 78746. So in honor of the holiday and the recent domain buyout, I thought I would check out the numeric .com domain of Purim,

I thought it would be a Marchex zip code website for Austin, TX, because 78746 is the zipcode for Austin. But instead, as you can see, it is a Belize vacation website. Interesting. Who knew? Anyways, more evidence of interesting uses of numeric domains, and's in particular.

Also, I recently came accross another interesting use of a numeric domain, The site sells military wings and insignia, and uses the numeric 1903 because of the 1903 Wright Flyer. I also saw this great comment from the site owner: "Lets face it it is a lot easier to remember 1903 than Aviationwings or militaryinsignia."

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