Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cash Parking Improvements at GoDaddy

It seems that after hiring Adam Dicker, GoDaddy has been making vast improvements in its cash parking system. They recently introduced the ability to get detailed traffic statistics on where visitors are coming from, how they are getting there, and what ads they clicked on. Very valuable information, especially for those of us that have numeric domains with lots of Chinese traffic, but not sure which keywords to use. The main downside to GoDaddy parking is still the monthly fee, but with a large portfolio I find that the fee is negligible.

Anyways, hopefully more domainer-friendly improvements will be coming to GoDaddy in the near future, like a much improved site for auctioning and selling domains (we can dream). There is a real need in the market for a quality auction and sales site, right now all of the options have disadvantages, Snapnames is great but has high fees, Sedo gets lots of bidders but buyers often don't pay and the site is a nightmare to navigate, and forums are good for reselling to domainers but not for selling to end-users. If GoDaddy could leverage its position as a popular site among non-professional domainers and bring in professional domainers as well as end-users with a high-quality auction and sales site, the market would respond very well in my opinion.

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