Thursday, January 15, 2009 Buyout A Year Later

We are nearing 1 year from the buyout of's. As with nearly the entire domain market, things have not gone as well as many hoped. What I have done, and I think many others will do as well, is trim our portfolios and renewed the better domains. Numbers that start with 1 or other low numbers, have good number sequences, get decent traffic, represent words on cell phones, etc., are more likely to get renewed. There were about 20k's available a year ago this time. I guess anywhere from 5k-15k will get dropped, probably somewhere in the middle. This is probably healthy for the market in the long run, more time for people to develop their domains, wait for demand to catch up to supply, etc. The underlying dynamics that suggest strength in this market are still there, we are just in a massively bad economy for domains included, and it will take more time for Chinese internet penetration to expand (although this is happening very rapidly).

Some criteria for keeping domains I have used (not a complete list):

* Is the .org/net/info/cn/etc. owned/developed?
* Are people searching for the number or are advertisers advertising based on the number (check google adwords keyword tools for both)
* Check if the number is a US zip code, a big city foreign postal code, etc.
* Type the number into google products search and see what comes up, you may be surprised.

Also, to look on the bright side, you can see from the following SnapNames auctions that's are still attracting lots of interest if they are good numbers. The numbers below are not from completed auctions, but from the e-mails SnapNames sends out telling people to join existing auctions, so final sales prices are probably much higher. Anyways, here's hoping for a better year for's in 2009!

1/13/09 Price 79 Bids 8
1/5/09 Price 13 Bids 4
1/5/09 Price 25 Bids 3
1/4/09 Price 20 Bids 3
12/24/08 Price 13 Bids 3
12/8/08 Price 26 Bids 5
11/13/08 Price 12 Bids 3
11/5/08 Price 12 Bids 3
10/7/08 Price 12 Bids 3
9/18/08 Price 79 Bids 4
9/17/08 Price 59 Bids 3
9/17/08 Price 104 Bids 4
7/13/08 Price 60 Bids 6
7/13/08 Price 60 Bids 6
7/10/08 Price 79 Bids 10
7/9/08 Price 79 Bids 9
7/1/08 Price 21 Bids 5


Anonymous said...

90034 is the zip code for LA.

Wow that seller had no idea what they had. Horrible deal.

rkbdomain said...

Maybe, maybe not. I don't know what the final price was.