Friday, May 15, 2009

New Popular Numeric Site

I just checked's rankings for the top 100 site in China, and the old standards were there, but there was a new entry, This site a year ago was only in the top 10,000 global sites, now it is in the top 1,000 (#759), and is in the top 100 in China (#81). So it has really shot up.

Now what this site offers, I have no idea... It looks like a directory of some sort, possibly an Ebay-time auction site? Who knows, it's all Chinese to me.

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Unknown said...

It's a Chinese equivalent for 'YouTube', and is violating many copyrighted laws, normally with Chinese subtitles.

It's quite nice to have a place you can watch new movies online without been have to disconnect your modem/router and wait for new IP lease (like 'MegaVideo', where you can't locate the movie by a built-in search feature on site but only with external sites).

and guess what? you can download the movie file, just like you can with 'YouTube' - only here you'ld do that only if you didn't mind the Chinese subtitles and the '' dubbed into the movie.

BTW, you seem to really have got into this research on NNNNN names. well done mate :)
I think you should get out more.

PS - there's also 'Veoh' that starting to look the same, but like YouTube - they keep upgrading their player online - only they tend to block watching now to only first 5 minutes every once in a while, so don't be surprised to see that as well among first 100 sites on Alexa, near YouTube, and