Friday, January 12, 2018

How Many's ('s) Are Registered? Update

The last time we looked at this, in 2011, only 10.8% of these domains were registered. 

In other words, out of  11,881,376 domains, around 1,283,189 were already taken.

It's now 2018, and we re-checked a random sample of these (10 samples of 500 random character strings, so 5,000 total).  It came out that an average of 29% of these domains were registered. 

This means that registration of domains has about tripled since 2011.  There are now 3,445,599 5 Letter .com domains registered.  Still less than half of the overall pool, but a steady stream of registrations nonetheless. 

What does the registration look like for's?  This is somewhat of a parallel, because there are 10 million of these.  A whopping 3% of these are registered, or around 300,000...  Shows the dangers in trying to do a parallel between numbers and letters based solely on scarcity.  Letters are still far more popular on a 1:1 basis.