Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some Developed NNNN.org's

There is some discussion of a potential buyout for NNNN.org's, since over 90% are registered apparently, and there are only 10,000 to begin with. So I thought it would be interesting to spotlight some developed NNNN.org domains.

1001.org is an art website (redirects to the-artists.org)

1003.org is a developed site for Korea Nabgol Industrial Association.

1006.org is a software development and training site.

1014.org is a computer-related blog.

1016.org is used by Ten Sixteen Recovery Network for treatment for addictive behaviors. 1016 is the street address of the residential services.

1019.org is another art website.

1026.org is an Asian blog.

1031.org is used by the Federation of Exchange Accommodations based on the Internal Revenue Code Section 1031.

is used by a Certified Public Accountant for obvious reasons.

1046.org is a developed Asian site.

1057.org is an art website.

1060.org is a computing resource website for a company called 1060 Resource.

1061.org is someone's homepage. 1061 stands for "To Ro I" (the romanized Japanese version of the person's first name).

is the Voluntaristic Self-Determined Volitional Mandators Democratic Organization (huh?). Looks like they picked 1062 because their organization has 62 rules.

1066.org redirects to 1066.co.uk, and I have no clue about this one.

1069.org looks like an Asian site that is being redesigned.

1070.org is a photography site.

1091.org is a developed Asian site.

1099.org is another tax-related site, again for obvious reasons.

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