Friday, July 29, 2011 All Registered as of this Morning!

As I checked the's that had dropped in recent days and weeks, it is clear that as of the time of this post, all domains (all 100,000) are registered.  It remains to be seen whether this sticks, lots will continue to drop each day so there should likely be some fluctuation.

Nevertheless, this is somewhat of a milestone, coming 3 years after the mass buyout frenzy in 2008, and the failure of that buyout.  This buyout has proceeded at a much more cautious pace, namely around 10-13 net domains registered (new registrations - drops) each day on average, for a couple years to get to this point. 

Additionally, while the previous buyout was mainly propelled by Western domainers registering's after the buyout and price spike, this buyout was accomplished mainly by Chinese domainers, who actually use and trade these numeric domains on a regular basis.  Thus one would expect it to have more staying power. 

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