Thursday, May 17, 2012 Prices

In response to a question at DNF, we looked at data from the past few years at NameBio to determine what the average and median sale prices were for various types of three character domains.

Here is what we found.

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The data is from reported sales at NameBio from 2010-Present.

For, there were 363 sales.
For, there were 162 sales.
For, there were 132 sales.
For, there were 37 sales.
For, there were 33 sales.

Unfortunately, there were not enough sales for a meaningful survey.  Later I will look at the data I have from and hopefully add it to come up with a more representative sample.

The data suggests that while average prices may be in line with average prices, this is likely because a few sell for well above average, and most for much less.  The median sale price for is over double that of  There are some higher priced numbers, but for the most part, numbers are numbers, and any combination will do.  Prices fluctuate less within number domain categories.  This is the same story with and domains. domains can go for $100,000+ or $20, whereas almost all domains go for around $1,000.  Sure, some may go for $10k and some may go for $650, but prices are much less volatile for numerics in general. 

So there may be a greater divergence in quality among letter domains of the same type as opposed to number domains. 

A similar phenomenon can be seen in the .net's.  LLL.nets go for around double the price of NNN.nets on average, but if you look at median prices they are virtually identical.  

Previously we had written about two-character domain prices here.