Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Auction Results for Numeric Domains

This is from from the past couple days:    RMB¥9,100    $1,365    RMB¥480        $72    RMB¥16,600   $2,490    RMB¥360        $54    RMB¥70          $11    RMB¥70          $11    RMB¥280        $42    RMB¥280        $42    RMB¥200        $30    RMB¥200        $30

And from SEDO:   1,150 EUR    $1,131   189 EUR          $215

Both of these seemed to fetch nice prices.   21212 is a nice palindrome, and a Baltimore zip code (not an extremely wealthy neighborhood though, average home price seems to be around $250k).  72899 is not a zip at all, I am curious as to who the buyer is and why they paid so much for this domain. 

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