Thursday, June 16, 2011

Registration of Numerics Continues

As we reported earlier, as of June 1, 2011, 776's were available to be registered.  Over the last few years, these domains have been registered at the rate of approximately 13 per day.  

As of this morning, my check revealed that 627 are available to be registered.  This represents a registration rate of approximately 10 per day for the first half of June.  So registration could be slowing a little bit as the remaining domains are of lower quality, although perhaps this just reflects the temporary drop-off in registration from China's Dragon Boat festival.  We will keep checking in on registration trends and providing updates. 

Here are some daily figures to paint a more complete picture:

June 1: 776 Available
June 3: 719 Available.
June 4: 752 Available.
June 5: 739 Available.
June 6: 713 Available.
June 7: 695 Available.
June 10: 674 Available.
June 11: 668 Available.
June 12: 666 Avialable.
June 13: 654 Available.
June 14: 648 Available.
June 15: 640 Available.
June 16: 627 Available.

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