Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Warning: Possible Scammer

Fraudsters may be trying to take advantage of the rising prices of's.

On NamePros, a new poster offered to sell me a nice, when I bid $450, the poster asked for $500.  I repeated $450 and the poster said "if you can quick paypal payment yes i can."  I offered to do escrow and the poster never replied again.

I'm not going to post the person's name or the domain number, because for all I know it could be a legitimate seller who backed out for a number of reasons.  But most likely this was a scam, and potential buyers must beware of this type of scam, most likely the poster would have taken my money and never delivered the domain name.  The poster even offered to prove that he or she had ownership of the domain by changing the whois information to reflect my purchase prior to the deal, but again, that doesn't mean they are going to transfer the domain..  The poster had no history, and the poster was clearly pressuring for a quick, paypal deal at a bargain price.

If the opposing party has no history, and will not agree to escrow even if you offer to pay the fees, you have a likely scammer on your hands.  Don't let the temptation of a great domain name part you from your money.