Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recent Numerics Sales

At 4.cn, the following numerics sold in the past  few days:

1 RMB is about $0.15 USD. 

7905.com sold for 6,703 RMB.
7906.com sold for 7,800 RMB.
6478.com sold for 4,400 RMB.
9642.com sold for 4,200 RMB.
4376.com sold for 4,500 RMB.
838.com sold for 353,000 RMB.
5465.com sold for 5,600 RMB.
1485.com sold for 7,100 RMB.
7946.com sold for 4,500 RMB.
8959.net sold for 390 RMB.
8089.net sold for 390 RMB.
6899.net sold for 530 RMB.
6813.net sold for 320 RMB.
6681.net sold for 420 RMB.
8806.net sold for 520 RMB.
6955.net sold for 400 RMB.
8399.net sold for 500 RMB.
5619.net sold for 380 RMB.
0116.com sold for 8,700 RMB.
2923.com sold for 10,805 RMB.
0841.com sold for 4,302 RMB.
3425.com sold for 4,400 RMB.
2222222222.com sold for 200 RMB.
5818.com sold for 88,000 RMB.
7547.com sold for 4,600 RMB.
00050.com sold for 620 RMB.
3819.com sold for 7,834 RMB.
3463.com sold for 4,800 RMB.
7858.com sold for 29,055 RMB.
754.com sold for 79,000 RMB.
1351.com sold for 40,199 RMB.
55999.com sold for 2,502 RMB.

The big sales to note in here are obviously 838.com for 353,000 RMB, about $55,000 USD.  Also of note is 5818.com, which sold for 88,000 RMB, about $13,500 USD.  Interestingly, this went for even more than the other NNN.com that sold, 754.com, which sold for 79,000 RMB, or about $12,000 USD.  Also, a nice NNNNN.com, 55999.com, sold for 2,502, almost $400 USD. 

Also, DNJournal reported some strong sales as well, 33.com sold for $358,000 to a Chinese buyer through DomainAdvisors, and 01.org sold for $25,000 through DNStore.

These latest sales show continued strong demand for numeric domains.

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