Monday, May 23, 2011

What is Marchex $MCHX Doing with its Zip Code Domains?

It appears Marchex has stopped trying to monetize them with its own content and instead have been parking the domains and listing them for sale.

Marchex still seems to own nearly 50% of the available and .nets. Is Marchex hoping to sell them all in one package, or one by one? Have they been talking to Chinese domainers or a real estate company or someone else that might be interested?

Are they going to renew them? Marchex used to be the king of the zip code domains, it's interesting that they have not maintained their investment in the content of these domains, especially with the local search/deals explosion with Opentable ($OPEN), Groupon, ($LOCM), etc. Perhaps something is in the works, or they have just not paid much attention to these domains.

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