Friday, February 22, 2008

5-digit Number Licensce Plate Sells for $59k

The Dubai Roads & Transport Authority recently auctioned some number license plates, and the sale prices were pretty high:

A number of bidders vied keenly for the 4-digit numbers 1919, 1122, 2211, 1991, 5115, 7337 and 9559 of category F, which were eventually sold for a total amount of Dh783000 at the top of which came the number 1122 which was sold for Dh149,000.

The 5-digit numbers were sold for a total amount exceeding Dh2.6 million, topped by the number 13000 which was sold for Dh220,000, followed by the number 17000 which was sold for Dh200,000

In dollars, that means the number 13000 sold for $59,904.64.

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