Sunday, February 10, 2008

Anatomy of a Buyout

It is interesting to look back at the countdown threads for the's and see what people were saying when there were 50k-60k left, way more than we have left of the's, and compare that to what the market is like just a few months later, when any ugly 4-letter combination commands at least $50. Here's a quote from one of the posts a few months before all the's were gone:

I don't see why some of them would ever even get registered though. A lot of them are just crap, and it's much harder to use an acronym or abbreviation with 4 letters than it is with 3 letter domains. I think only the good ones will be worth money, and the bad ones will continue to drop and get snapped back up over and over and never really amount to anything.

Also, here is an interesting graph regarding the rate at which the's were registered. It was steady up until the end and the rate was around 10,000/month.

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