Friday, February 22, 2008

Estibot Update

It turns out that the portfolio appraisal tool uses a different metric than the individual domain appraisal tool. So that may explain the "generous" appraisal, although it looks like Estibot's portfolio appraisals have been very accurate for other portfolios.

If I feed in my's one at a time into the individual appraisal tool, the numbers are more realistic, and average about $30-$80 per number, with a few lower and higher. This is basically consistent with what I think's are worth as a baseline, although to an end-user with a particular use for a number (lucky Chinese number, postal code, relevant part number, spelled word on a cell phone), a number should go for much more.

Although estibot is definitely no substitute for a real appraisal, in this case I think the numbers it provides are fairly accurate to get a ballpark of the value of's. And, Estibot seems to give higher values to lower numbers in general, excluding's of course. At some point I want to do a statistical test to see if the market's bias against's with a "4" in them is reflected at all in Estibot's appraisals, which are based on pretty solid metrics.

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