Saturday, February 16, 2008's All Bought Out. Congrats!

The NNNNN's have all been bought out, I was a day late in my prediction, congrats to all who in the last two weeks who have joined the NNNNN community, and to all those who have held these for a while and wondered when everyone else was going to realize their value!

Scott at Numeric Domains has called all NuDoms (numeric domainers) to keep working to find innovative uses for their newly bought's. Here are two ideas I have been thinking about:

(1) Foreign cell phone browsing. I don't know the answer to this yet, but I would imagine cell phones in China and other countries with foreign alphabets have letters associated with numbers on their phones. Anyone have a picture of cell phones in China? We need to figure out how to spell words out of numbers on these phones as well. Some people who bought completely random's in the last week may be sitting on "cars" or "movies" in Chinese without even realizing it. Let's crack this wide open.

(2) We need to find a way to advertise our's to the Chinese market. Anyone know how to say "Buy a Five Digit .com domain HERE" in Chinese? I don't, but I'm sure someone does, and we need to all figure out how to make sure that people from China and other asian markets that are looking for numeric domains (and tons of them are looking, just based on how many people from China show up at some of my parked's) know how to find us.

Again, a huge congrats to all those who participated and helped in the buyout, and I wish all of us the best with our great domains!

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