Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Look at Registration For Numbers 100,000-999,999

In order to get a better sense of the available domains remaining, we ran some searches that only looked at domains between and  Excluding domains that begin with zero, we should be able to learn more about how many domains are registered. 

We were surprised to see that the numbers are not that far off from the total percentage of registered domains.  After running 15 random bulk searches of 500 domains, we found that approximately 76.79% of domains between and are already registered.  Or in other words, there are only about 23.21% of domains in this range that are still available for registration.

We expected to see a much higher percentage of registered domains in this format.  Indeed, when we checked all available domains (including domains that begin with zero), we actually got a slightly higher percentage of registered domains (77.5% vs. 76.9%).  It's definitely within the margin of error, so perhaps there is no preference for domains that begin with zero.  But still, it is surprising that there may be no material difference in preference between domains that begin with zero and domains that don't.  Hard to imagine, but that's what the numbers appear to suggest. 

There could be other factors at play here.  Perhaps domain expiration dates are playing a role, and some greater percentage of 6n's that start with zero will be dropped in the next year or so.  Or something else explains the difference.  Regardless, it's pretty interesting to see no clear preference for domains that start with numbers other than zero in the registration rates.  Will keep an eye on this as we monitor registration trends for domains.

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