Sunday, December 23, 2018 Sales to Close 2018 on High Note

There are two domains currently on auction at GoDaddy right now, 4337 and 0480.  Both have "4"s which are bad, but both also have repeating digits.  And both are currently set to close over $20,000.  I have also been receiving a number of offers for my's recently.  So something could be up.

Maybe it is just a year end bump, and 2019 will see a continued softening of the numeric domains market.  After all, NNNN.coms have already appreciated almost 100x in the last decade.  How much further can they go?

We will have to see.  With the stock market possibly continuing to struggle in 2019, it will be worth noting how alternative asset classes perform.  Numeric domains may be a "safe haven" of sorts, or they could fall along with the broader market.  It is worth noting that the last financial bubble bursting was in 2008-2009, which also saw a domain market bubble bursting in the aftermath of the and buyouts. 

Will 2019 be a repeat of 2009?  Only time will tell.  But these recent strong numerics auctions for domains with "4"s suggests the domain market isn't ready to give in just yet.

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