Friday, December 7, 2018

Why is 00567 Selling for More Than $60k??

It looks like the auction for will end at more than $60,000.  And many are understandably asking why?  Some on Namepros suggested this is because of fake bids.  And it could very well be.

But looking at sales of other 00xxx.coms, it doesn't seem certain that the bids are fake.  Indeed, there have been 32 sales of domains for more than $1,000!  That was surprising to see, as one might think that nobody wants domains that begin with zeros.  Apparently, Chinese domainers may feel differently.  

And recently sold for nearly $10,000.  Like 00567, it starts with two zeros and then has three sequential numbers.  And 00567 has no "4" which might add even more to its value.

Still, $60,000 is a lot to pay for a  Possibly the highest price ever paid for one!  Will be exciting to see where this auction closes, and if we will learn any more about the reasons for the fierce bidding war.  

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