Saturday, December 15, 2018

CC.Net Prices Have Barely Moved in 10 Years

We are going to take a look at some types of short .net domains to see how the value of these domains has held up over time.  Our general sense is that it has not fared well.  While registration continues apace for .net domains, it seems as though the proliferation of other extensions has hurt the position of .net as the "next best thing" after .coms, which it had throughout the prior decade (2000-2010).

We looked at "floor prices" of CC.nets, to see how these have changed over time.  The result?  Not much price change at all.  Here are the numbers, based on public auctions (and excluding domains with a zero or an O, which are often outliers in short character domains sales):

2007 - $2,000
2008 - $2,050
2009 - $1,495
2010 - $2,500
2011 - $1,650
2012 - $1,338
2013 - $2,000
2014 - $2,150
2015 - $2,000
2016 - $2,380
2017 - $2,311
2018 - $2,879

That's almost no change over more than 10 years.  CC.nets actually did seem to spike with the overheated domain market in 2016, and briefly commanded a floor price of $5,000 for the latter part of the year.  But they quickly came back down in 2017 when the bubble burst.  

How have domains done over the same time period?  In 2007, the base price for these was around $10,600.  Now it seems floor prices are in the mid $30k's.  But .nets have shown almost no movement.

We will continue to look at .net domains, and see if we can derive any lessons about the extension, and perhaps about price trends in short domains in general. 

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