Thursday, December 20, 2018

What Were the Best Numbers 10 Years Ago?

Yesterday, we looked at the starting numbers of remaining's.  Domains that start with "4" were by far the worst, with around 50k remaining.  Domains that start with an "8" were the most popular, with only 13.4k remaining.  The other popular strings were domains that start with a "1" (only 16.1k available), and domains that start with a "9" (only 17.8k available).

We thought it would be worthwhile to compare these results to the remaining's that were around right before the first buyout, in February of 2008.   On February 11, 2008, there were 13,628 five digit .com domains remaining to be registered.  Within around a week, these would be all bought out.  But it's interesting to look at the domains remaining and see how many were left with each starting number:

Domains Starting with "0" - 2,832
Domains Starting with "1" - 0
Domains Starting with "2" - 336
Domains Starting with "3" - 1,058
Domains Starting with "4" - 2,920
Domains Starting with "5" - 1,588
Domains Starting with "6" - 2,040
Domains Starting with "7" - 1,522
Domains Starting with "8" - 1,070
Domains Starting with "9" - 262

What a difference a decade has made!  10 years ago, most domainers were western, and the most favored number sequences began with a "1" or a "2".  True, "4" was still the least popular, and "8" and "9" were fairly popular as well.  But looking at the recent numbers for's, you can see a clear shift in preferences as Chinese domainers have become the biggest players in the numeric domain space.

Domains that start with a "0" were much less popular than they are now, as Chinese domainers don't seem to mind the "0" in front.  And domains that start with a "1" or "2" are not as favored as they once were.  It used to be that these were the "premium" numerics, presumably because they had more uses and google search results.

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